[Important Announcement] Please be aware of Whatsapp texts fraud - posing as JobReferral Consultants

JobReferral has recently learned of a Whatsapp scam involving persons posing as company consultants, or falsely claiming to represent JobReferral, while inviting the public for some sorts of part time or freelance jobs.
Examples of texts are as follows.

JobReferral has absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent practices and do not make such solicitations.
Please be aware of this scam, and if you receive email/texts solicitations from anyone posing as the company consultants that appears even remotely suspicious, contact us immediately.

Do not respond to these emails or texts nor communicate with the sender, and do not provide the sender with any personal or financial information. Also, avoid clicking on links included in the emails, or the attachments, as doing so may result in malware or a virus being loaded on the recipient’s computer.



Published : 27-Jan-2023

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