The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants
The Journal & Journey of Recruitment Consultants

What goes around, comes back around

Have you ever heard of the saying “what goes around comes around”. Well, don’t only associate it with Karma but it applies in all of the contexts. I noticed these days, when it comes to break-up in a relationship, divorce, or while leaving a company to join a new one, little do we care to leave a good impression / relationship. The process often leaves with bitter memory which we will never be able to reminisce in the future. A simple example would be that, while breaking up with partner, do we care to leave a good impression by breaking apart in nicer way, or by fighting and leaving a bad impression. Trust me, the world is very small that one small action which you do may spark and burn the whole forest. It is very crucial to always leave a good impression even though you’re not at fault because this small good deed will take you to places as well as it helps to avoid bad / fake news about you from spreading. This does not mean that you need to fake yourself and try to be nice, but genuinely being nice will not cost you so much right. Moreover, the good deeds you do will definitely bring you a good name. Recently, I had an experience whereby one of my candidates almost got hired by an employer but unfortunately, after the reference checking, things got haywire and they decided to not hire due to some reasons. Now, let’s not beat around the bush. What I am trying to hint here is about the reference check. Have you ever gone through a situation where a potential employer requested for reference check from your ex-companies? During this period of time, you would realize how important it is to have a good reputation even though you’re no longer there. So, let’s not think about the present only and let’s try to foresee the consequences of it in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Written on June 2017 by Harshini

Published : 14-Nov-2017

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