Trademark Registration / Application

As a Trademark agent, JobReferral Services provides the customized solutions relating to Trademark.
Our  service range includes:-

  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Application and Registration
  • Trademark Renewal

Trade Licenses Service

JobReferral Services also assists any Companies Registered in Malaysia (ROC) for application of business license. We shall advise the right type of licenses required based on your nature of business.

Malaysia Immigration Visa Application for Foreigners (Expatriate Level)

  • Expatriate Work Visa of Multiple-Entry Visa (DP 10).
  • Application of Dependent Visa and ID Card for the expatriate & family    
  • Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) 10 years’ Multiple-Entry Visa.

Labour, Hostel & Transport Management Services

On top of direct local labour supply, we do provide daily administrative support as
well as management from counselling, translation to payroll calculation,
accommodation provision to transportation arrangement.

Other Foreign Labour Related Services

  • Permit renewal reminder and renewal completion
  • Passport renewal reminder and renewal completion
  • Sourcing and assisting in purchase of insurance
  • Immigration services on ad-hoc basis

Direct Foreign Labor Recruitment Services

JobReferral Services offers the following foreign worker services among others:
  • Getting the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) approval for foreign workers recruitment.
  • Provide clear and comprehensive checklist for the documentation requirements.
  • Prepare all documentation necessary for foreign workers attestation.
  • Select personnel based on their CVs through interview in the country of origin or select them by their passport.
  • Obtain CV (calling Visa) approval for the selected workers.
  • Get the workers through medical check-up.
  • Provide assistance for arrival clearance at airport.
  • Provide transport to client’s doorstep.
  • Provide assistance in FOMENA check-up, which is a pre-requisite screening of health for every foreigner who enters the country.
  • Provide assistance in the process required to send back workers who cannot work owing to sickness or any other reason.
  • Committed to replace all workers who are unfit or want to return to their home country.
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