JobReferral Services offers the following foreign worker services among others:
  • Getting the KDN (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) approval for foreign workers recruitment.
  • Provide clear and comprehensive checklist for the documentation requirements.
  • Prepare all documentation necessary for foreign workers attestation.
  • Select personnel based on their CVs through interview in the country of origin or select them by their passport.
  • Obtain CV (calling Visa) approval for the selected workers.
  • Get the workers through medical check-up.
  • Provide assistance for arrival clearance at airport.
  • Provide transport to client’s doorstep.
  • Provide assistance in FOMENA check-up, which is a pre-requisite screening of health for every foreigner who enters the country.
  • Provide assistance in the process required to send back workers who cannot work owing to sickness or any other reason.
  • Committed to replace all workers who are unfit or want to return to their home country.
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